Why should I have a strong butt?

Why should I have a strong butt?

September 30, 2022

by: Dr. Jaicy Harless

​Strong glutes are important! Your glutes incorporate main three parts:

  • Gluteus maximus
  • Gluteus medius
  • Gluteus Minimus

Why is it important to have a strong butt?

It is important to strengthen your glute muscles for these reasons;

  1. These muscles have an impact on overall muscle body strength
  2. These muscles can help strengthen your core
  3. These muscles help to support your range of motion
  4. Strong muscle can also help prevent and avoid muscle imbalance that can lead to the mobility issue

Strong glutes are essential in most sports they are responsible for;

  1. Changing direction
  2. Accelerating
  3. Decelerating
  4. Creating higher jumps

What causes weak glutes?

An inactive lifestyle, or doing repetitive activities such as sitting or lying down without little or no exercise would result in weak glutes. As a result, weak glutes make it difficult to activate them properly during activities. Other body parts, such as your hips/knees/ low back will suffer. This leads to growth in other areas such as our hamstring, paraspinal, and quads, which leaves our butt falling short.

Symptoms of weak or inactive glutes can also include tight hip flexors, knee pain, low back pain, and weak ankles and feet.

It is why it is important to wake up prior to training, in order to boost your performance and ensure that they work properly during training.

​Click the video for some Bosu Squat

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