Elite Muscle Recovery Testimonials

Jackie Copeland

Ablation avoided! I led a very active life enjoying hiking, traveling, and strength training until severe back and hip pain began making these activities unbearable. After several tests and consults, I was diagnosed with L4-5 listhesis, spinal stenosis, and bulging discs. Acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy provided some comfort but no significant changes. I was scheduled for a spinal ablation but heard about Dr. Jaicy and decided to schedule a consult. I am amazed at the improvement I have seen! Her combination of cupping, dry needling, stretching, and strength exercises have allowed me to resume many of my former activities without the severe pain. I look forward to continuing improvement with each treatment and will be forever grateful that she helped me avoid an ablation.

Sheila Cross

I have had chronic neck and shoulder tightness for years. Dr. Jaicy targeted those areas to release my tight muscles and recommended stretching and strengthening exercises to correct my posture issues. After many years of trying to find relief my neck and shoulders are much less tight and my mobility has improved significantly. I highly recommend Dr. Jaicy!

Jenna Hazelet

I had years of muscle tension built up and I work a job that puts lots of stress of my neck and shoulders. I had basically stopped exercising because of how frequently I would get headaches and how much my lower back/leg hurt. Dr Jaicy used Dry Needling (a little freaky at first but totally effective), Cupping (a bit painful but also very effective), stretching, strength exercises, and a bit more to combat my issues – and it worked! Most of all, she helped get me to a great place and then gave me the tools to continue working on myself with an occasional check-in to relieve any unwanted built up tension.

Michele Appel

My experience with Dr. Jaicy Harless has been amazing. She is knowledgeable and professional. We discuss my progress and she listens to me when I give her updates on how things are progressing at home ( stretches, functioning, etc.). It’s been a great learning experience for me in terms of the healing of my surgical scar and how that has been effecting my everyday activities. Dr. Jaicy has a wonderful personality and that serves her so well in working with clients one-on-one. I highly recommend her, as her skills and knowledge in the physical therapy realm are excellent.

Sandra Gurgone

Jaice is a very skilled practioner. She has achieved so much with me and the management of my headaches. She is knowledgeable in anatomy and has numerous tools at her disposal to achieve results. She is the best PT I’ve been to.

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cindy dodson

Absolutely amazing! Dr. Jaicy Harless has helped me a few times over the past few years with dry needling. So professional, and at the same, kind and welcoming. So many wonderful things to say about her and Elite!

Rachel Lewis

Love Dr. Jaicy! She is thorough, knowledgeable, and kind! She uses a variety of techniques to address my muscle tension, and I always leave my appointments feeling great!