Why is sleep important to your health?

Why is sleep important to your health?

September 2, 2022

Sleep is essential to our health that helps your body and mind recharge. On the contrary, while our physical body sleeps our brain is very active during sleep taking important functions. Healthy sleep helps our mind and body to fight disease, develop our immunity, and relieve stress, and chronic diseases. Without getting enough sleep our brain cannot function well, we cannot concentrate, focus, or think. Depriving of sleep may also lead to many diseases and disorders.

How much sleep do we need?

Here are some benefits of having a good sleep:

  1. It reduces disease risk
  2. It helps our brain function, better productivity, and concentration
  3. It lower gains risk
  4. Better blood and calory regulation
  5. Prevents depression
  6. Greater athletic performance
  7. Lower the risk of heart diseases
  8. Strong immune system

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