Proper Bicep Curl

Proper Bicep Curl

September 9, 2022

Doing the bicep curls is one of the most empowering and practical ways to strengthen your muscle. All you need to have is a pair of dumbbells and you are good to go. Bicep curls target muscles in the arms that include brachioradialis, front deltoid, and especially the biceps brachii, sometimes known as the two-headed muscle of the arm. Do you know that there is a proper way to strengthen your bicep curl? Here in Elite Muscle Recovery, we will help you with how to properly do the Bicep curl and what not to do to avoid injury and increase your strength.

How does your bicep work?

Your biceps are located on the upper arm. It consists of a short head and a long head that works as a single muscle. The bicep heads begin at different places around your shoulder, which has a common insertion point on the elbow tendon, and together allows you to bend your arm at the elbow, and help you to curl and pull weight.

How to do proper Bicep curl?

First and foremost you have to select the right weight. We suggest that you start around 5 pounds or 10 pounds per dumbbell. If you are a beginner, rehabilitating from an injury, or returning to exercise after a long period of time, you might start with 2 pounds.

  • Begin standing tall and feet hip-width apart. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged.
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand, keep it relaxed and don’t grip them tightly. Position your arms facing your palms forward.
  • Bend your elbow by lifting your dumbbells up towards your shoulders. Lower the dumbbell the same way until your arms are fully extended in the same position that you started. Exhale as you lift.
  • Repeat this for about 8-10 curls and do more than one set.

What not to do?

1. Swinging

  • Maintain a tall, upright spine and a tight core. You have to relax and keep it straight.

2. Doing it fast

  • Maintain the proper execution rather than doing it fast. Lift the weights with a smooth motion, do it the same way as you lower the weights.

3. Improper position of the elbow

  • Maintain the position of your elbow throughout the curl. They should remain close to the side of your body and only your lower arm should move.

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