Posterior Pelvic Tilts

Posterior Pelvic Tilts

April 8, 2022

Posterior Pelvic Tilts

“Sufficient sleep, exercise, healthy food, friendship, and peace of mind are necessities, not luxuries.”

-Mark Halperin

This week we are going to talk about your upper back. Why upper back? Let me tell you why most of us have jobs that require a lot of time at the computer. With this comes a certain posture that leads us to rounded shoulders, forward head, pain, increased tension, and possibly headaches. Does this sound familiar or something you could relate to?

Millions of people sit at a desk for 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week. Did you know that is 2080 hours of sitting at your desk per year? That is a LOT of hours to pull you out of alignment and proper posture. Now I know you can not help what your job is or that you have to sit at your desk to work. I am here to give you some simple little tips to help your posture.

Below is a short video of a couple of simple upper back exercises that will help you with your posture. By doing these exercises with light weights you will be strengthening your back and stretching your pec muscles. I challenge you to try them out for a couple of weeks and see the improvement. Start out with just your arms and no weights and 10-12 reps. As you get better add some weights (2-5#). Click the link below to see the exercises.


My passion in life is to help people return to their active lifestyles and to live pain-free! Are you in pain? If so, call to schedule an appointment. I would love to help you.