Meet Our New Pilates Instructors

Meet Our New Pilates Instructors

June 4, 2024

Caroline Zeto

I’m Caroline, also known as thatupsidedownchick

I am passionate about movement (especially of the inverted type) and helping others build confidence in their own physical journeys. 

My love for helping others discover their confidence began early as a gymnastics coach for children and adolescents after participating competitively myself for many years.  Gymnastics can be really tough on the body and my time in the sport was no exception. As an avid practitioner of both yoga and pilates, I have experienced the rehabilitative effects and seek to share that positive influence with others. I have completed a 200-hour Yoga Teaching Certification through Thrive Yoga and Wellness and a 600-hour Fully Comprehensive Pilates Certification under a Classical 2nd Generation Instructor.

Throughout my movement journey, I have also dabbled in Aerial Arts, but really dove into the world of circus in 2019 when I started training and teaching at Inversions Circus Arts.  Circus and kids just go together… Kids are put into rigidly structured environments on a daily basis, which makes it even more important to make time for them to cut loose, hang upside down, and walk on their hands every now and then!  What I love most about coaching and instructing children is the teaching they offer back to me, the excitement in their eyes, and helping them achieve their goals. “Nothing beats ‘Look, Coach Caroline, I did it!!!’” 

I love to invest in my adult clients with a similar perspective- I am always looking for a way to create a childlike spark in their eyes. Joseph Pilates said “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old.  If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.” Having experienced the pain of a fractured spine firsthand, I believe we should all have the opportunity to feel good not just waking up, but moving throughout the day, and still feeling good by the time we’re ready to settle in for the evening.  You are only as old as your spine feels, so let your inner child run loose and start your movement journey with me today! 

Lauren Knauth

“With a background in dance and a passion for fitness, I was instantly enthralled by the movement and flow of Pilates. As I studied the history and techniques of Pilates while completing a 600-hour comprehensive training, I realized how Pilates can transform lives whether you are looking for rehabilitation or simply looking to supplement your fitness regime. Pilates offers a way to strengthen and lengthen your body through movement and resistance training. “
Additionally, Lauren is accredited through the National Pilates
Certification Program and is a certified Progressing Ballet technique (PBT) teacher.