Ankle Mobility

Ankle Mobility

September 16, 2022

by: Dr. Jaicy Harless

Ankle Mobility refers to the flexibility of the ankle joint and its surrounding muscle and tendons. It is very important that your ankle is flexible so you will have increased movement during the activity. If your ankle is not flexible, it could lead to poor performance, sprain, and major injuries.

If you would like to boost your sports performance, and activity you have to stretch and strengthen your ankle. This will help you walk properly, and prevent your hip and knee from weakening. Most of all strengthening and stretching your ankle will prevent major injuries and accidents.

​What causes poor ankle mobility?

  • Age and gender
  • Degenerative disease
  • Biochemical dysfunctions
  • Training too hard
  • Strength of surrounding muscles
  • Soft tissue inflammation

Benefits of Ankle Mobility

  • Increase movement awareness
  • Leg Strengthening
  • High-heel relief
  • Balance

How to improve ankle mobility

  • Time and Dedication
  • Stretch and loosen
  • Strengthen

Click the video for some Ankle Mobility Exercises

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