Surprising Reasons Why Cash Pay PT is Beneficial for Patients

Surprising Reasons Why Cash Pay PT is Beneficial for Patients

June 4, 2024

Most people have health insurance, and understably assume that it always makes the most sense to use their health insurance when accessing any kind of healthcare services. While traditional health insurance has certain benefits, it also comes with many costs that are not just financial, but also related to medical freedom.

Medical freedom is the right to choose your own healthcare provider, the right to undergo any type of assessment or treatment that he or she recommends (if you wish to do so), and the right to pay a price that you and your healthcare provider deem to be fair for those services.

Medical freedom is important because it allows you to have control over your own healthcare needs, your medical privacy, and your healthcare budget.

So… How does cash pay PT benefit YOU as the patient?

1) You are guaranteed to be seen by a doctor of physical therapy one on one for an entire hour every time. Many insurance-based clinics schedule 2 or 3 patients per hour on one PT’s schedule, and may delegate a portion of your treatment to an assistant or unlicensed technician. At Elite Muscle Recovery, your doctor of physical therapy will be able to focus 100% of their attention and effort on you and your goals at every visit for the entire hour.

2) We are not limited by insurance guidelines and restrictions. Many insurances require authorization and have visit limits. They also may try to dictate what treatments they will or will not cover. This can often lead to delays, limitations, or interruptions in patient care. At Elite, you and your doctor of physical therapy can decide what treatments will work best for you, without any interference from a third party. This also allows us to assess and treat any new issues that may come up during your care without having to get permission from your insurance first. 

3) At Elite Muscle Recovery, you pay a flat rate per visit, and there are never any hidden fees or surprise bills at the end. With many insurance plans, a coinsurance is expected, but with no way to predict how much each visit will actually cost. Patients often end up with multiple surprise bills months later and have difficulty budgeting and planning ahead for these bills. We take out the complication, unpredictability, and confusion and charge the same rate per visit every time, with no hidden fees and no delayed bills. 

4) We can fully focus on your individual and personal goals and make sure your sessions are all about YOU. Because we are not limited by insurance restrictions, we can focus on what is most important to you and help you meet your goals, not the goals of the insurance company. We have the freedom to treat you as a whole person instead of just one specific body part or diagnosis.

At Elite Muscle Recovery, we care deeply about your goals and getting you back to doing what you love, and we don’t want a third party dictating what you can and cannot do in regards to PT treatment. In most cases, health insurance companies do not promote medical freedom. Instead, they often limit your choices when it comes to your healthcare decisions, which is ultimately why we have opted to not accept insurance – because your voice, your time, your health, and your right to choose are important to us.