January 14, 2022


Do you, or someone you know suffers from headaches or even worse migraines? Are you tired of missing out on your life, your loved ones life, your children’s life because you cannot tolerate the pain and the increased noise around you? Sick and Tired of being in a dark room because the pain is so bad? Tried all other treatments for Migraines and NOTHING seems to work? I have been there personally as well. Read more about my journey below!

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Migraines are not fun at all, I used to suffer from migraines about 2-3 times a week. Some days were worse than others but the majority of the time you could find me in my room, in the dark, with no sound, and an ice bag on my forehead. Nothing seemed to help. I had tried over-the-counter medications, essential oils, massage, relaxation breathing, etceteras and nothing seemed to work. Don’t get me wrong the techniques above may have helped me get through the day, but not one of those things lessened the migraines. Or better yet nothing cured my migraines.

It wasn’t until going to the first dry needling class that I received relief. I went into Dry needling to learn the new upbeat techniques that have been helping people get better quicker. Low and behold I didn’t even think about migraines and that needling could help. On the first day, my professor, asked “Does anyone suffer from migraines?” Sure enough, I raised my hand and was chosen to be the patient for migraine prevention relief. Skeptical as I was, I was willing to try! I was amazed by the results! That night I remember going to bed without a Headache/Migraine. I woke up without a migraine and returned to class. The professor asked how I was and if I would like another treatment. I said yes and wanted to learn more.

That was 4 years ago now and I have been doing really well with my migraines. One of my missions is to help people who suffer from migraines get out of pain and back to their lives! I am living proof dry needling helps with migraines. I have had a lot of success with migraine patients at Elite Muscle Recovery, which brings me joy! I want to help as many people as I can get RELIEF from Migraines! So Please if you know someone or are suffering yourself please schedule an evaluation and make one step closer to living your life!

Here 10 interesting facts about migraines you may or may not know!!!

1 – Almost Everyone Knows Someone Who Gets Migraines

2 – Women Get Migraines More Often than Men

3 – Children can Have Migraines Too

4 – Migraines Impact Your Social Life and Family Relationships

5 –Migraines Are a Mystery Despite Being So Common

6 – Migraines Increase the Risk of Other Physical and Psychiatric Conditions

7 – Migraines in Women May Be Due to Hormone Fluctuations

8 – Migraines Are Not Just Headaches

9 – Every 10 Seconds in the US, Someone Goes to the ER with a Migraine

10 – Some People Suffer from Chronic Daily Migraines