Active Release Technique In Chattanooga

Active Release Technique in Chattanooga – Unlock Your Body’s Potential

If muscular tightness, tension, or nagging injuries are holding you back, Active Release Technique (ART) may be the solution. Provided by certified practitioners at Elite Muscle Recovery in Chattanooga, ART alleviates restrictions and scar tissue to enhance performance, improve mobility, and relieve pain.

Who Can Benefit from Active Release Technique?

Our ART services are designed for individuals of all activity levels and age groups experiencing:

  • Limited range of motion or flexibility
  • Athletic injuries or overuse syndromes
  • Chronic aches and pains
  • Poor posture or suboptimal movement patterns

We treat everyone from youth athletes to manual laborers to desk-bound professionals. If you are hoping to achieve goals like:

  • Returning to sports after an injury
  • Alleviating tension built up from repetitive movements
  • Recovering from accidents and traumatic events
  • Improving flexibility for activities like yoga or dance
  • Finding relief from chronic discomfort

ART can help optimize muscle and soft tissue function to have you moving and feeling better.

Overview: How Active Release Technique Works

During an ART session, Our elite staff will have you actively contract and relax muscles while they apply precise pressure along the grain of the tissue. Using their hands and forearms, they will feel for adhesions while you move the adjacent joint through a range of motion. When restrictions are found, your therapist will maintain pressure and tension on the tissues while you perform specific movements. This helps break down inelastic scar tissue, release tension, loosen adhesions, and stimulate blood flow. ART sessions involve constant communication between you and your therapist to identify problem areas and track improvements. We also provide customized home programs to extend the benefits between treatments.

The Chattanooga Difference: Exceptional ART Specialists

Our skilled clinicians are well-trained in Active Release Techniques. With experience performing successful ART treatments, Our elite staff has mastered the nuances of feeling restrictions in soft tissues and applying the appropriate forces and vectors to achieve optimal results.

This clinical excellence combined with an encouraging approach helps patients feel at ease while working diligently towards improved movement and recovery. Allow our Chattanooga experts to help you unlock your body’s potential with ART.

Custom Active Release Technique Treatment Plans

After a thorough evaluation, your therapist will design a customized treatment plan targeting your unique restrictions. ART sessions may focus on specific regions like:

  • Lower Body – Hips, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves
  • Upper Body – Shoulders, rotator cuffs, neck, upper and mid-back
  • Core – Abdominals, low back, pelvic floor
  • Full Body – Integrating multiple regions based on your activities

Treatment may also address specific conditions like:

  • Tendonitis or tendinopathy
  • Strains, tears, and post-op scar tissue
  • Limited shoulder mobility
  • Low back and SI joint tightness
  • Hamstring or calf tightness
  • Headaches and postural dysfunction

Benefits of Active Release Technique in Chattanooga

Customized ART programs deliver measurable benefits:

Improved Flexibility and Mobility:
Releasing restrictions in overworked muscles and connective tissues reduces tightness and restores normal extensibility. This allows for a greater range of motion and fluidity of movement.

Pain Relief:
ART alleviates neuropathic and mechanical pain caused by tense muscles, overuse, and injuries. Patients experience significant relief from chronic discomfort.

Enhanced Athletic Performance:
Optimizing soft tissue quality minimizes compensation patterns and reduces injury risk. Power and efficiency of movement improve across all activities and sports.

Expedited Injury Recovery:
ART facilitates quicker recovery from strains and tears by enhancing blood flow to damaged tissues. Scarring is minimized as functional mobility is restored.

ART vs. Manual Therapy

How does ART differ from manual therapy adjustments?
While both aim to tackle movement limitations, ART employs direct tension and encourages patient motion instead of relying on joint manipulation. Its objectives revolve around enhancing soft tissue quality and fostering voluntary neuromuscular control, rather than seeking short-term joint cavitation.

How quickly can I expect ART to work?
Most patients experience some level of relief even after the first session. However, certain conditions require multiple treatments to fully restore normal mobility. Discuss your goals with your therapist to establish reasonable timelines.

What are the side effects of active release technique?
Patients may experience some mild muscle soreness or fatigue in the hours following the initial few ART sessions as physiological adaptation and tissue regeneration begin. These typically subside within 24 hours as your body responds positively. More aggressive ART techniques may occasionally cause some surface-level bruising which will heal quickly. However, the inflammation response triggers are very beneficial aspects of a successful treatment. Therapists constantly communicate to provide adequate pressure without over-compressing tissues. Both patient and therapist feedback ensures an appropriate dosage.

Start Recovering with Chattanooga Active Release Technique Specialists

If pain or athletic performance plateau is negatively impacting your life, explore Active Release Technique with the experts at Elite Muscle Recovery. Contact us today to schedule your initial ART evaluation. Our exceptional therapists are ready to help you move and feel better!



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Sheila Cross

I have had chronic neck and shoulder tightness for years. Dr. Jaicy targeted those areas to release my tight muscles and recommended stretching and strengthening exercises to correct my posture issues. After many years of trying to find relief my neck and shoulders are much less tight and my mobility has improved significantly. I highly recommend Dr. Jaicy!

cindy dodson

Absolutely amazing! Dr. Jaicy Harless has helped me a few times over the past few years with dry needling. So professional, and at the same, kind and welcoming. So many wonderful things to say about her and Elite!